British Museum Object Names Thesaurus

"A Collections Data Management Section (CDMS) Working Party was set up in the 1980s to analyse the terms used to record object names in the British Museum, and to incorporate them into an on-line thesaurus. Hierarchical and other standard thesaural relationships were added, as well as explanatory notes where appropriate. The thesaurus architecture is based on ISO 2788. Curatorial advice has been sought at all stages of the project, and a number of publications were consulted, which are listed in the bibliography.

British Museum Materials Thesaurus

"The decision to publish The British Museum materials thesaurus was based on the interest shown in it over the years by visiting documentation specialists, and their requests for copies. In my opinion, the thesaurus is unique, due to the great range of terms included, the inevitable consequence of documenting world-wide collections from almost any historical period, a great variety of cultures, and covering almost any type of object.

BIRTH Television Archive Multilingual Thesaurus

"To enable a thematical and geographical searching for archive material with different language background a multilingual thesaurus is available. This thesaurus includes thematical and geographical terms. Every term is available in the four languages English, French, German and Dutch. By using one thesaurus term on searching, the translation of this term is included and search results for all four languages are returned."

Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren Thesaurus

"Avec plus 25 000 documents, la Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren détient la plus grande collection spécialisée en danse du Canada et l’une des plus importantes dans le monde. Elle acquiert, conserve et diffuse de l’information, sous toutes ses formes, sur la danse, son histoire et son développement. Elle soutient ainsi la mission pédagogique de l’École supérieure de ballet du Québec."

"With more than 25,000 documents, the Vincent-Warren Dance Library holds Canada's largest and most important dance collection in Canada, acquiring, conserving and distributing information in all its forms Dance, its history and its development, and thus supports the pedagogical mission of the École supérieure de ballet du Québec. "

Beethoven Thesaurus

"The Beethoven Thesaurus is a list of approximately 9,000 subject and category (formerly known as genre) terms. The thesaurus groups these terms together in nine sections (or hierarchies). Terms are listed in alphabetical order within each section, with instructions on the scope of the terms, their relationships with other terms in the Thesaurus, and unused synonyms. Each listing might also include instructions to the indexer on how to apply the term to a particular subject area.

Base Arcade Thésaurus

"Pour plus de commodité, il est recommandé d’imprimer le thésaurus. À noter, cette rubrique et le lexique associé regroupent le contenu des champs 'Source littéraire' et 'Thème représenté'."

"For more convenience, it is recommended to print the thesaurus. Note that this section and the associated lexicon include the contents of the fields 'Literary Source' and 'Theme represented'."

Art Full Text Thesaurus

"More than simply a resource for art students and art historians, Art Full Text rounds out the research experience for those studying other fields, such as women’s, media or cultural studies; history; anthropology; industrial design; and other related areas of study. Researchers are able to track the careers of artists and review their materials and methods, and can find books by and about artists, as well as interviews, profiles and much more. Indexing of art reproductions provides examples of styles and art movements, including works by emerging artists."

Australian Pictorial Thesaurus

"The Australian Pictorial Thesaurus (APT) is a hierarchical thesaurus of over 15,000 Australian subject terms for the indexing of images and other original material collections. The APT uses contemporary Australian words and phrases to describe objects, people, places, activities and concepts [depicted in an image]. The range and depth of APT terms facilitate the precise indexing of images and collections. The APT arranges terms hierarchically. This means that terms are organised within a table of linked terms.