Les Thésaurus Réseau Accès Informatisé aux Collections des Institutions Muséales

"Les 3 thesaurus en consultation libre sur ce site sont le fruit de plusieurs années de travail. Ils ont été créés spécialement afin de répondre aux besoins spécifiques des musées membres du Réseau AICIM. Ils évoluent chaque jour grâce aux ajouts et suggestions des musées. Leurs buts sont de normaliser le vocabulaire utilisé dans les fiches d'inventaire et de faciliter la recherche des objets dans la base de données AICIM."]]>

"The 3 thesauri in free consultation on this site are the result of several years of work and have been specially created to meet the specific needs of the museums members of the AICIM Network, which evolve every day thanks to the additions and suggestions of the museums. Goals are to standardize the vocabulary used in the inventory records and to facilitate the search of objects in the AICIM database. "

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Thesaurus

"The IEEE Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of over 9,000 descriptive engineering, technical, and scientific terms as well as IEEE-specific society terms. The thesaurus represents terminology and vocabulary usage drawn from IEEE transactions and journal articles, conference papers, and standards. The vocabulary uses American-based spellings with cross references to British variant spellings.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Taxonomy

"The IEEE Taxonomy comprises the first three hierarchical 'levels' under each term-family (or branch) that is formed from the top-most terms of the IEEE Thesaurus. In this document these term-families are arranged alphabetically and denoted by boldface type. Each term family's hierarchy goes to no more than three sublevels, denoted by indents (grouping of four dots) preceding the next level terms. A term can appear in more than one hierarchical branch and can appear more than once in any particular hierarchy.

Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. Genre Terms

"Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc., 2nd edition, was published in 2000. The Guidelines constitute a recommendation for national standard practice in the provision of genre and subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, poetry, humor, and folklore in all formats."

Tesauro de Historia Contemporánea de España

"La presentación del Tesauro de Historia Contemporánea de España, ocupa el último capítulo del trabajo, precedido de la metodología de elaboración, ámbito de aplicación y normas de uso. El tesauro consta de una parte alfabética, descriptor a descriptor con todas sus relaciones, y otra parte jerárquica, donde los conceptos se presentan en su contexto semántico. Se acompaña de una lista alfabética de nombres de instituciones y partidos políticos de los siglos XIX y XX.

"The thesaurus consists of an alphabetical part, descriptor to descriptor with all its relations, and the thesaurus consists of an alphabetical part, descriptor to descriptor with all its relations, and The main purpose of our thesaurus is to serve as a terminological tool in the indexing and retrieval of information, Of a set of documents, those related to the field of research of Contemporary History of Spain and forming part of an automated information system.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Thesaurus

"Le Thésaurus du CRTC contient les descripteurs utilisés pour l'indexation des pages et documents situés sur le site web du CRTC. Cela permet aux utilisateurs de trouver plus facilement l'information dont ils ont besoin, dans la mesure où les moteurs de recherche acceptent les métadonnées."

"The CRTC Thesaurus contains the preferred terms used to index CRTC information resources on its website. Describing web resources using controlled terminology improves the ability of users to find the information they need when search engines are metadata-enabled."

Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology

"There are 15,331 files in the TC/CS. Most of the descriptor terms in the TC/CS are in plural form (i.e. cars). The thesaurus uses the convention: if you can answer the question 'how much ____?' (how much rain), then the term will be listed in the singular form. If you can answer the question 'how many ____?' (i.e. how many cars), then it will be listed in the plural form. If you are unsure, then append a '*' wildcard to the desired words in your search strategy; for example 'survey*'. There are 15,331 files in the TC/CS.