United Kingdom

NPRIE Probation Thesaurus

"The NPRIE Probation Thesaurus has been developed over many years by librarians and information managers within Probation trusts in England and Wales including Alida Teijken, Andrew Parkes, Cath Fell, Helen Parris, Hilary Lawrenson, Jill Whiteman, Judith Sawbridge, Kath Oates and Steve Burgess. The thesaurus covers general and technical terminology used in the Criminal Justice System in the United Kingdom; and also terms relating to law and social sciences.


"The HRCS is a system for classifying and analysing biomedical and health research funding. Its role is to faciliate research management by answering strategic questions about investment. (...) The Health Categories dimension of the HRCS captures the area of health or disease being studied. There are 21 separate categories which encompass all diseases, conditions and areas of health. (...) Research Activity Codes classify types of research activity.

BGS Geoscience Thesaurus

"The BGS Geoscience Thesaurus contains approximately 6000 descriptor terms for concepts in the geoscience and related subjects. Some entries have scope notes to further explain the term. The original source of the data was the Australian Mineral Foundation thesaurus of geoscience; some terms have been added or updated to suit BGS needs and the content will continue to be updated as required. The thesaurus includes synonyms to descriptor terms, hierarchical relationships, symmetric (see also) relationships and lapsed (deprecated) term replacements."

EMA Templates – Names of EU-EEA countries

"The EMA (European Medicines Agency) provides information on the linguistic aspects of the product information for a medicine, which includes the summary of product characteristics, labelling and package leaflet. It explains the content that should be included in these documents, as well as standard headings and the most commonly used standard statements and terms in all official European Union languages plus Icelandic and Norwegian, and defines the format and layout for the product information.