Spatial Synoptic Classification

"The SSC is based solely on surface based observations at an individual station. Four-times daily observations of temperature, dew point, wind, pressure, and cloud cover are incorporated into the model. It does not take upper-level conditions into account, and does not concern itself with the origin of the air above a station, though there are obvious correlations. Hence, the SSC is most properly called a weather type classification and not an air mass classification system.

Weather Words

"Weather forecasts and warnings have to compress a lot of information into standardised, brief messages. Forecast and warning weather terms represent the more detailed definitions provided here. Forecasts and warnings have to accommodate variations across the time range, and often large areas, that they apply to. It is important to understand the use of duration and distribution terms, especially for elements like showers and thunderstorms, when considering the impact for a specific location or time."