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WAVES Thesaurus

"If you wish to be positive that you find everything there is in WAVES about a particular species, or that is in a certain series, or that is by a particular corporate body, you may use the Thesaurus Search option on the left menu. These three fields use what is known as a controlled vocabulary. For example, some authors may have used the term Atlantic cod, others may have used northern cod, or simply cod in the title or abstract of an item."

Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard

"The Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) is a catalog of terms that provides a means for classifying ecological units using a simple, standard format and common terminology (CMECS uses the term 'unit' to refer to any defined entity in the standard at any level of the hierarchy; 'units' include seagrass bed, sand, lagoon, and water mass). CMECS offers a way to organize and interpret data about the marine environment, and it provides a common platform for inter-relating data.