690 Construction of buildings

Glossary of Housing Terms

"Formerly titled A Glossary of House-Building and Site-Development Terms, this invaluable reference text has been used for three decades by people in the housing industry and by university and college students enrolled in construction-related education programs. Completely revised, this comprehensive, up-to-date glossary incorporates more than 300 new definitions to reflect current construction terminology."


"DBK var det første bud på et sammenhængende klassifikationssystem for byggeriet i Danmark og blev udviklet i perioden 2003-2006. DBK er et fælles system til klassificering af information om byggeri og bygninger – udviklet til Det Digitale Byggeri. DBK afløser det gamle SfB-system og forskellige brancheorienterede eller hjemmegjorte systemer. DBK er efterfølgende afløst af CCS. Klassifikation er nødvendigt for at holde styr på de mange forskellige typer information, der indgår i et byggeprojekt eller i forbindelse med bygningsdrift.

"DBK was the first bid for a coherent classification system for construction in Denmark and was developed in the period 2003-2006. DBK is a common system for classification of building and building information - developed for the Digital Building. DBK replaces the old SfB system And different industry-oriented or home-based systems. DBK is subsequently replaced by CCS. Classification is necessary to keep track of the many different types of information that is part of a construction project or in connection with building operations.


"Launched in 1997, Uniclass, the classification for the construction industry, is the UK implementation of BS ISO 12006-2, providing a structured approach to classifying the building information by organising information based upon common characteristics. The recent developments and wide-adoption of BIM to manage information across the project timeline, has meant the need for a unified approach to classification, ensuring that information is universally structured regardless of the author. This lead to a review of Uniclass and the development of Uniclass2."

Forvaltnings Klassifikation

"Forvaltnings Klassifikation (...) er en ny klassifikation udviklet til anvendelse i ejendomsforvaltning. Forvaltnings Klassifikation erstatter SfB Bygningsdelstavle, som i en årrække har været den gængse standard for klassifikation af bygningsdele i den danske byggesektor. Forvaltnings Klassifikation er udarbejdet af Landsbyggefonden i samarbejde med Kommunernes Landsforening. Med Forvaltnings Klassifikation kan man som hidtil med sin SfB Bygningsdelstavle holde orden på sine bygningsdele. Det bliver faktisk lidt nemmere, bl.a.

"Management Classification (...) is a new classification developed for use in property management. Management Classification replaces SfB Building Panel, which for a number of years has been the usual standard for classification of building components in the Danish construction sector. Management Classification has been prepared by the National Fund in cooperation With the management's classification society, as with its SfB Building Panel, it is possible to keep track of its building components.

Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology

"There are 15,331 files in the TC/CS. Most of the descriptor terms in the TC/CS are in plural form (i.e. cars). The thesaurus uses the convention: if you can answer the question 'how much ____?' (how much rain), then the term will be listed in the singular form. If you can answer the question 'how many ____?' (i.e. how many cars), then it will be listed in the plural form. If you are unsure, then append a '*' wildcard to the desired words in your search strategy; for example 'survey*'. There are 15,331 files in the TC/CS.