370 Education

British Education Thesaurus

"The British Education Index continues to serve its original, 50-year old, purpose as an independent subject and author index to the contents of significant education journals published in the UK. Within limitiations imposed by its self-financing status, the BEI also seeks to identify information from an increasingly diverse research environment, particularly addressing texts on the Internet and events, as detailed below.

Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors

"The Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors (ATED) is the definitive reference on Australian terminology in the area of education. It reflects terminology used to describe research and practice in Australian education. ATED is used to index the Australian Education Index, Education Research Theses and the ACER library catalogue and can also be used to consult these databases. The Thesaurus can be used to index documents, whether in print or electronic and also to index web sites. It can also be used to organise reading lists and bibliographies."

Índice de Revistas de Educación Superior e Investigación Educativa Vocabulario Controlada

"El VOCABULARIO CONTROLADO (VC) consiste en una lista normalizada de temas e identificadores. Está integrado por alrededor de 1,500 términos sobre diferentes aspectos del área educativa, que han compilados a lo largo de los 27 años de desarrollo del IRESIE. Constituye un instrumento de trabajo para la clasificación e indización de los artículos y documentos que ingresan a las bases de datos IRESIE y al Indice de Documentos de Educación (IDOCED).

"The VOCABULARY CONTROLLED (VC) consists of a standardized list of topics and identifiers. It is composed of about 1,500 terms on different aspects of education, which have been compiled over the 27 years of IRESIE development. Work for the classification and indexing of articles and documents that enter the IRESIE databases and the Index of Educational Documents (IDOCED).