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European Training Thesaurus

"The European Training Thesaurus (ETT) constitutes the controlled vocabulary of reference for vocational education and training (VET) in Europe. It is used to describe and access the knowledge of its institution, Cedefop. It contains over 2,500 terms (1550 are descriptors, and 950 non descriptors). Non-descriptors are in italics and contain a reference to the preferred term (descriptor). All terms are accessible through an alphabetical index in English (EN) and French (FR).

Education Resources Information Center Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors (Thesaurus) is a controlled vocabulary – a carefully selected list of education-related words and phrases assigned to ERIC records to organize them by subject and make them easier to retrieve through a search. Searching by Descriptors involves selecting relevant terms from this controlled vocabulary to locate information on your topic. While you can also search ERIC using keywords of your choosing, you will get more precise search results if you use Thesaurus terms.

Thésaurus de l'Éducation

"L’édition revue et corrigée 2001 du thésaurus compte 3 889 termes, soit 1 855 descripteurs et 2 034 non descripteurs (synonymes et quasi-synonymes). Plusieurs termes sont suivis d’un qualificatif afin de clarifier le sens du descripteur (ex. : Compétition (Psychologie). Ce qualificatif fait partie intégrante du descripteur et doit donc être utilisé avec lui lors de l’indexation ou de la recherche. Le thésaurus a pour objectif de venir en aide au personnel des centres de documentation et des bibliothèques du milieu de l’éducation à organiser leur collection et à indexer leur documentation.

"The revised and corrected 2001 edition of the thesaurus has 3,889 terms, ie 1,855 descriptors and 2,034 non-descriptors (synonyms and quasi-synonyms), followed by a qualifier to clarify the meaning of the descriptor. : Compétition (Psychologie) This is an integral part of the descriptor and must therefore be used with it when indexing or researching The purpose of this thesaurus is to assist the personnel of the documentation centers and the libraries of the milieu To organize their collection and to index their documentation. It can also be used as a research tool for online research.

Education terms

"The A-Z of terms is the controlled vocabulary developed and maintained by the Department for Education. It was first developed in the 1980s and has been continually updated to reflect new topics and departmental responsibilities. It groups terms together so that when you search you can see the term that you are looking for in the context of other terms in the vocabulary - this helps you to browse for information. Terms are listed with all their relationships, plus a scope note (to help define a term and explain how it should be used) where necessary.

European Dictionary of Skills and Competences Thesaurus

"DISCO, the European Dictionary of Skills and Competences, is an online thesaurus that currently covers more than 90,000 skills and competence terms and approximately 8,000 example phrases. Available in ten European languages, DISCO is one of the largest collections of its kind in the education and labour market. The DISCO Thesaurus offers a multilingual and peer-reviewed terminology for the classification, description and translation of skills and competences.

Centre Bruxellois de Documentation Pédagogique Thésaurus

"Si vous voulez rechercher des documents sur une thématique particulière mais que vous ne l'a retrouvée pas en naviguant dans le thésaurus, essayez de la retrouver via la recherche par termes. Il suffit d'introduire le terme ou les termes de recherche et la recherche est alors effectuée uniquement sur le thésaurus. Plus de 38000 termes."

If you want to search for documents on a particular topic but you have not found it by browsing the thesaurus, try to find it via the search by terms. Simply enter the term or search terms and the search is then performed only on the thesaurus. More than 38,000 terms