Family Thesaurus

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"Family Thesaurus is arranged in an alphabetical sequence showing the hierarchical relationship of each main term to other terms. Non-used terms or cross-references are listed to guide users to the preferred terms. Main terms are shown in bold and non-used terms in a lighter typeface. The Thesaurus facilitates post-coordinated indexing, whereby complex subjects are represented by several different headings, rather than one single heading. Post-coordinated systems rely on the use of boolean operators - such as and, or, not - to combine the separate headings for searching. In constructing terms, punctuation is used minimally and hyphens avoided where possible. For phrases, direct order or natural language is preferred. To distinguish meaning in homographs, a qualifying term appears in brackets-for example: Dependency (Economics), Dependency (Personality), Dependency (Physical)."

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Family Thesaurus
Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS)
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