Internet of Things Taxonomy

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"There is no common way to describe or classify the ‘things’ that make up the IoT or the projects or systems and services based on them. To complicate matters, the range of projects and applications that the term IoT covers is vast. IoT applications could be made up of a simple sensor that reports whether a door is open or not (in the case of a simple security system) or whether a button has been pressed (in the case of a remote doorbell) to very sophisticated solutions that monitor dozens of phenomena, make complex calculations based on those phenomena, and then prompt a response (in the case of autonomous drones, for example). A means of classifying different IoT projects will be useful to properly understand the current state of IoT adoption, compare different IoT initiatives, and to inform decision making when it comes to policy development, and the definition research and market development initiatives.To this end, Digital Catapult has started to define a taxonomy that will provide an effective way of classifying IoT initiatives."

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IoT Taxonomy
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