Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. Genre Terms

"Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc., 2nd edition, was published in 2000. The Guidelines constitute a recommendation for national standard practice in the provision of genre and subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, poetry, humor, and folklore in all formats."

British Museum Materials Thesaurus

"The decision to publish The British Museum materials thesaurus was based on the interest shown in it over the years by visiting documentation specialists, and their requests for copies. In my opinion, the thesaurus is unique, due to the great range of terms included, the inevitable consequence of documenting world-wide collections from almost any historical period, a great variety of cultures, and covering almost any type of object.

Tesaurus d'Història de Catalunya

"El Tesaurus d'Història de Catalunya és un vocabulari controlat de terminologia, en català, sobre la història de Catalunya. La possibilitat de crear el nostre propi llenguatge documental ens permetría també realitzar una valoració crítica de la terminologia emprada en la historiografia catalana. La recopilació dels conceptes emprats i l'anàlisi posterior d'aquests (relacions d'equivalència, jerarquia i associació) permeten la reducció dels significats dels termes a un sol significant, eliminant ambigüetats i sinonímies en uns o donant contingut a d'altres.

"The History of Catalonia Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of terminology in Catalan, on the history of Catalonia. The ability to create our own documentary language also allows us to make a critical assessment of the terminology used in the Catalan historiography. The compilation of the concepts used and the subsequent analysis of these (equivalence relations, hierarchy and association) allow the reduction of the meanings of the terms to a single meaning, removing ambiguities and synonyms in a donor or other content.