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Out On The Shelves Classification System

This project, undertaken during the summer of 2018 intended to build a system that is reflective of the mission and values of the Out On The Shelves Library, namely to "foster a free, accessible, and safe space for LGBTQ2IA+ people and their allies to discover and share stories and resources centering on LGBTQ2IA+ experiences" (About: Out On The Shelves) To this end, goals for the new system – approved by the volunteer team at Out On The Shelves Library during the planning process – include updated language, logical order and arrangement to enhance the browsing experience, as well as ensuri

UPIANA Classification Scheme

"The UPIANA Classification Schedule forms part of a set of three special classification schedules developed by the Cataloging and Metadata Services Section of the University of the Philippines Diliman University Library. It was designed to meet an urgent need in the classification of its various special collections. While the University Library has chosen to adopt the United States Library of Congress Classification Schedules (LCC), catalogers have found it to be inadequate in handling most of the Filipiniana materials.

Filipiniana Subject Authority File

"Subject authority headings for Filipiniana materials.This will contain terms on: 1. Works about the Philippines, its people and culture regardless of author, imprint, and language 2. Works written by Filipinos 3. Works written in Filipino or other native Philippine languages 4. Philippine Government publications such as yearbooks, annual reports, etc. 5. Other publications containing substantial content on the Philippines."

Licence Name Authority List

"The Licence authority table is a controlled vocabulary that lists the European Commission Reuse Notice and the European Union Public Licences. It also provides a list of standard licences available internationally, including the Creative Commons licences. It gives an authority code and labels in many official EU languages. The Licence authority table is maintained by the Publications Office of the European Union on the EU Vocabularies website."

Gemeenschappelijke Trefwoordenthesaurus

"De Gemeenschappelijk Onderwerpsontsluiting (GOO) of Gemeenschappelijke Trefwoordenthesaurus (GTR) is tot 1 januari 2012 bijgehouden en beheerd door de Koninklijke Bibliotheek t.b.v. het samenwerkingsverband Gemeenschappelijke Onderwerpsontsluiting. GOO was ontwikkeld om de onderwerpsontsluiting door wetenschappelijke bibliotheken gezamenlijk uit te voeren als onderdeel van het Gemeenschappelijk Geautomatiseerd Catalogiseersysteem (GGC) van Pica, later OCLC.


"Volgens de thesaurus Brinkmanonderwerpen worden alle collecties van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek ontsloten. (...) Het doel van de thesaurus is het uniformeren van onderwerpen zodat het mogelijk wordt om de publicaties over een onderwerp in de catalogus bij elkaar te brengen. Dit is de zogenaamde collocatiefunctie van de catalogus. Met behulp van deze gegevens kunnen ook de zoekfuncties in verschillende zoeksystemen verbeterd worden. De thesaurus bestaat naast de onderwerpstrefwoorden ook uit vormtrefwoorden en geografische trefwoorden.