coastal region

Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard

"The Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) is a catalog of terms that provides a means for classifying ecological units using a simple, standard format and common terminology (CMECS uses the term 'unit' to refer to any defined entity in the standard at any level of the hierarchy; 'units' include seagrass bed, sand, lagoon, and water mass). CMECS offers a way to organize and interpret data about the marine environment, and it provides a common platform for inter-relating data.

Tesaurus de la costa

"Document ellaborat pel Grup EUROSION de l’Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (UAB) el 16 de Març de 2004, en collaboració amb el Departament d’Infrastructura del Transport i del Territori (ETSECCPB – UPC). (...) Cada organització productora de dades geoespacials ha dissenyat models del món real conforme els seus propis criteris i necessitats. La temàtica d’aquests conjunts de dades ha de poder ser expresada en una sola paraula per tal de poder, posteriorment, utilitzar-la per a recuperar aquella informació.

"EUROSION document elaborated by the Group of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (UAB) on 16 March 2004, in collaboration with the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (ETSECCPB - UPC). (...) Each geospatial data producer organization has designed models of the real world according to their own criteria and needs. the theme of these data sets has to be expressed in a single word in order to then use it to retrieve that information.