ancient history

EAGLE Vocabulary - Dating Criteria

"The common use among Members of the BPN is to insert, when this information is available two dates. A 'Not before' and 'Not after' dates. This is still a best practice and has been preserved as such in any encoding. There are nevertheless divergences on historical periods and indeed in the way computations are done. In many cases only a generic date is possible.

EAGLE Vocabulary - Decoration

"Terms in this vocabulary refer to any decoration surrounding an inscription. Hederae, crosses, and chi-rho monograms are probably among the most frequent decorations, but there are a number of classifiable features of decoration which support and are indeed vital in some cases, to the understanding of the inscribed text. Many artistic classification could be suggested, but for the purposes of epi- graphic research we offer a flat list of features which can be found surrounding an inscription."

EAGLE Vocabulary - Execution Technique

"This vocabulary collects all writing techniques and types as attested in the EAGLE BPN. A major classification problem is faced on this respect by epigraphists. In same cases the distinction between the method used to produced a text is used as a principle for a definition, in some other the name of the writing technique is based on the result obtained, no matter of the method that was used. In particular Punctim, litt. Scariphatis and litt. Eminentibus are defintions of this second type."

Systematik zur Hethitischen Bibliographie

"Mit der vorliegenden Aktualisierung wird die durchgehend geführte Autorenbibliographie im HethitologiePortal um eine systematische Klassifizierung erweitert, die den Zugang und die Orientierung in der neuen wissenschaftlichen Produktion nach unterschiedlichen thematischen und methodischen Aspekten sowie Spezialisierungen auf dem Gebiet der Hethitologie und der anatolischen Archäologie zu erleichtert – mit der notwendigen Ausdehnung auf verwandte Disziplinen und angrenzende Gebiete.

"The present update extends the continuous bibliography of the author in the HethitologiePortal with a systematic classification that facilitates access and orientation in new scientific production according to different thematic and methodological aspects as well as specializations in the field of hittitology and anatolian archeology The necessary extension to related disciplines and adjacent areas.