Combined Nomenclature

"The Combined Nomenclature is the goods classification used within the EU for the purposes of foreign trade statistics. It is also used by Directorate General 'Taxation and Customs Union' of the European Commission for customs duty purposes. The classification is maintained by Eurostat for the statistical aspects and by Taxation and Customs Union DG for the tariff aspects. The classification is based on the Harmonized System (HS) which it sub-divides where necessary for purposes of external trade, agricultural regulation and customs duties.

Vocabulari multilingüe de la sida

"Aquest diccionari recull més de 400 termes relatius a la infecció pel VIH i la sida que s'utilitzen habitualment en l'àmbit assistencial. S’hi poden trobar termes relacionats amb les característiques biològiques del VIH, amb aspectes epidemiològics i clínics de la infecció pel VIH i la sida o amb el tractament de la malaltia.

"This dictionary contains more than 400 terms relating to HIV and AIDS that are commonly used in the healthcare setting. You can find terms related to the biological characteristics of HIV, epidemiological and clinical aspects of infection HIV and AIDS and the treatment of the disease. Each term has equivalents in seven denominations Romance languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish -variants Europe and Mexico, French, Galician, Italian, Portuguese and European -variants of Brasil- and Romanian) with corresponding indicators speech and also in English.

SilvaVoc Terminology

"In the light of forestry research in a changing world, the forestry world needs a clear and comprehensible language and a forum to study and reconsider the correct meaning of forestry terms. With the participation of an increasing number of non-foresters in the decision-making process in forestry, the need for a clear and well defined forest terminology exists worldwide. In order to ensure the continued updating and revision of the terminology basic stock and inclusion of new forestry terms, international cooperation is of extreme importance.