Tesauro para Estudos de Gênero e sobre Mulheres

"A classificação por cabeçalhos de assunto, sem as devidas e constantes reavaliações e atualizações feitas por especialistas de cada campo de estudos, tende a se tornar um amontoado de palavras com pouca eficácia para a coleta, o armazenamento e a recuperação dos documentos. Se no caso de bibliotecas de maior porte, capacitadas para atualizar as suas listas de cabeçalhos, esta classificação é válida, a biblioteca de um instituto de pesquisa com programas de estudos bem delineados deveria amparar os seus pesquisadores com indexações baseadas preferencialmente em tesauros específicos.

"Classification by subject headings, without the proper and constant reevaluations and updates made by experts from each field of study, tends to become a pile of words with little efficacy for the collection, storage and retrieval of documents. In the case of larger libraries, able to update their headline lists, this classification is valid, the library of a research institute with well-designed study programs should support its researchers with indexes based on specific thesauri.

Multilingual Egyptian Thesaurus

"Ce Thesaurus est une compilation de nombreuses sources utilisées en général pour les applications informatiques. Il a été développé par une équipe internationale d'égyptologues en sept langues et se compose de 15 rubriques. Son objectif est de proposer une norme de documentation pour décrire les objets égyptologiques. De nombreux musées l'ont déjà adopté ; et il devient de ce fait un standard international de plus en plus reconnu."

"This Thesaurus is a compilation of many sources used in general for computer applications and has been developed by an international team of Egyptologists in seven languages and consists of 15 sections and aims to provide a documentation standard to describe Many museums have already adopted it, and it is becoming an increasingly recognized international standard. "

GRIN Taxonomy for Plants

"The National Plant Germplasm System of the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture maintains a computer database, the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), for the management of and as a source of information on its 568,489 germplasm accessions. The taxonomic portion of GRIN provides the classification and nomenclature for these genetic resources and many other economic plants on a worldwide basis.

Nursing Outcomes Classification

"The Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) is a comprehensive, standardized classification of patient/client outcomes developed to evaluate the effects of interventions provided by nurses or other health care professionals. Standardized outcomes are essential for documentation in electronic records, for use in clinical information systems, for the development of nursing knowledge and the education of professional nurses. An outcome is a measurable individual, family, or community state, behavior or perception that is measured along a continuum and is responsive to nursing interventions.

Nursing Interventions Classification

"The Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) is a comprehensive, research-based, standardized classification of interventions that nurses perform. It is useful for clinical documentation, communication of care across settings, integration of data across systems and settings, effectiveness research, productivity measurement, competency evaluation, reimbursement, and curricular design. The Classification includes the interventions that nurses do on behalf of patients, both independent and collaborative interventions, both direct and indirect care.

Thesaurus Agrícola Nacional

"O Thesagro é de responsabilidade da Biblioteca Nacional de Agricultura - BINAGRI, órgão da Secretaria Executiva do Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento. A sua primeira edição foi publicada em junho de 1979. É um vocabulário especializado em agricultura e áreas correlatas, utilizado para indexação e recuperação dos documentos conforme as diretrizes da UNESCO, ou seja, normas estabelecidas pela United Nations Information System - Unisist do documento Principles directeurs pour Létablissement et le développement the thesaurus monolingues (SC/WS/555, Paris, 1973).

"Thesagro is the responsibility of the National Agricultural Library - BINAGRI, an agency of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Its first edition was published in June 1979. It is a vocabulary specialized in agriculture and related areas, used for Indexing and retrieval of documents in accordance with UNESCO directives, ie standards established by the United Nations Information System - Unisist of the document Principles directeurs pour Létablissement et développement le thesaurus monolingues (SC / WS / 555, Paris, 1973).

Corporate Body Name Authority List

The Corporate bodies name authority list (NAL) or Common Authority Table (CAT) is a controlled vocabulary listing corporate entities such as European institutions and bodies with their authority code and label(s) in the 24 official languages of the EU (when available). The list covers as well subdivisions of the different institutions such as DG's. The Corporate bodies NAL is part of the Core Metadata (CM) used in the data exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process and the Publications Office of the EU.

Event Name Authority List

The Event authority table (AT) is a controlled vocabulary listing the events that are part of the legal decision making process. It was created in order to harmonize and to trace historically the various events triggered by an agent within the procedures and associated to a resource type. The various sources of information were extracted from Pegase and Prelex. The Event AT is part of the core metadata used in the exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process and the Publications Office of the European Union. It is also used by EUR-Lex.

Currency Name Authority List

"The Currencies name authority list (NAL) or Common Authority Table (CAT) is a controlled vocabulary listing currencies with their authority code and label(s) in the 24 official languages of the EU (when available). The list is based on the ISO standard ISO 4217. This NAL is maintained by the Publications Office of the EU in its Metadata Registry (MDR)."

Country Name Authority List

"This country codes authority table is intended to provide a code related to the names of the countries – in a short and in a long form – in the 24 official languages of the European Union.These codes are used for the documentary metadata and may present slight differences with those used for the production of documents at a stylistic level.