ETIM Classification

"Product classification is simply a logical, unambiguous classification (taxonomy) of products in different product classes (categories), designed so that anyone within the sector can communicate about those products without misunderstandings. The ETIM model gives a listing of the most important technical characteristics of each product class to describe and find the products. Each class has several synonyms, thereby finding the right product is much easier for everyone! (...) Uniform product classification in itself is not a final product as it is.

Resource Type Vocabulary

"The Resource Type vocabulary defines concepts to identify the genre of a resource. Such resources, like publications, research data, audio and video objects, are typically deposited in institutional and thematic repositories or published in ejournals. This vocabulary supports a hierarchical model that relates narrower and broader concepts. Multilingual labels regard regional distinctions in language and term. Concepts of this vocabulary are mapped with terms and concepts of similar vocabularies and dictionaries.

European Migration Network Glossary & Thesaurus

"The EMN Glossary improves comparability by enabling a common understanding and use of terms and definitions relating to asylum and migration. The Glossary draws on a variety of sources, but primarily on the legislation of the EU asylum and immigration acquis, and makes terms available in the majority of Member State languages."

TNM Classification of Malignant Tumors

"The classification of cancer by anatomic disease extent, i.e. stage, is the major determinant of appropriate treatment and prognosis. Stage is an increasingly important component of cancer surveillance and cancer control and an endpoint for the evaluation of the population-based screening and early detection efforts. The UICC has published the UICC TNM classification of malignant tumours for over 50 years. The UICC TNM classification is the internationally accepted standard for cancer staging.

Combined Nomenclature

"The Combined Nomenclature is the goods classification used within the EU for the purposes of foreign trade statistics. It is also used by Directorate General 'Taxation and Customs Union' of the European Commission for customs duty purposes. The classification is maintained by Eurostat for the statistical aspects and by Taxation and Customs Union DG for the tariff aspects. The classification is based on the Harmonized System (HS) which it sub-divides where necessary for purposes of external trade, agricultural regulation and customs duties.

Vocabulari panllatí de les xarxes socials

"Aquest vocabulari conté 114 termes relacionats amb les diferents xarxes socials, especialment el Facebook i el Twitter. Cada terme presenta les denominacions equivalents en sis llengües romàniques (català, castellà -variants d’Europa i de Mèxic-, francès, gallec, italià, i portuguès -variants d’Europa i de Brasil), amb els indicadors de categoria gramatical corresponents, i també en anglès. Les definicions són en català i, en alguns casos, també en castellà.

"This vocabulary contains 114 terms related to different social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. Each term has the equivalent names in six Romance languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish -variants Europe and Mexico, French, Galician, Italian and Portuguese -variants Europe and Brazil), with corresponding indicators speech and also in English. the definitions are in Catalan and, in some cases, also in Spanish. It has been elaborated within the framework of the Network Panlatin Terminology (really), which aims to promote the development of the Romance languages.

Diccionari de futbol

"Aquest diccionari recull uns quatre-cents termes relatius al món del futbol, amb les denominacions i la definició en català i amb els equivalents en castellà, francès, italià, anglès i alemany, provinents del Diccionari general de l’esport, editat pel TERMCAT l’any 2010, i revisats per especialistes de la Federació Catalana de Futbol. Agraïm especialment a Claudio Critelli la compleció dels equivalents italians. El recull actualitza el Diccionari de futbol editat també pel TERMCAT amb motiu dels Jocs Olímpics de Barcelona."

"This dictionary contains about four hundred terms related to the world of football, with the names and Catalan definition and the equivalents in Spanish, French, Italian, English and German, from the General Dictionary of Sport, published by TERMCAT 2010 and reviewed by specialists of the Catalan football Federation. We especially thank Claudio Critelli completion of Italian equivalents. the collection updates the dictionary edited by TERMCAT football with the Olympic Games in Barcelona. "

Vocabulari multilingüe de la sida

"Aquest diccionari recull més de 400 termes relatius a la infecció pel VIH i la sida que s'utilitzen habitualment en l'àmbit assistencial. S’hi poden trobar termes relacionats amb les característiques biològiques del VIH, amb aspectes epidemiològics i clínics de la infecció pel VIH i la sida o amb el tractament de la malaltia.

"This dictionary contains more than 400 terms relating to HIV and AIDS that are commonly used in the healthcare setting. You can find terms related to the biological characteristics of HIV, epidemiological and clinical aspects of infection HIV and AIDS and the treatment of the disease. Each term has equivalents in seven denominations Romance languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish -variants Europe and Mexico, French, Galician, Italian, Portuguese and European -variants of Brasil- and Romanian) with corresponding indicators speech and also in English.