Gross Motor Function Classification System

"The Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) is a 5 level classification system that describes the gross motor function of children and youth with cerebral palsy on the basis of their self-initiated movement with particular emphasis on sitting, walking, and wheeled mobility. Distinctions between levels are based on functional abilities, the need for assistive technology, including hand-held mobility devices (walkers, crutches, or canes) or wheeled mobility, and to a much lesser extent, quality of movement.

International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology

"The Thesaurus grew out of the Draft Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology compiled in English for the UNHCR by Piers Campbell in 1986. In 1988, the then chief of the UNHCR Centre for Documentation on Refugees (CDR), Hans Thoolen, invited Jean Aitchison, a respected expert in the field of thesauri, to provide the technical expertise for the revision and restructuring of this draft.

International Social Security Association Social Security Thesaurus

"The ISSA provides access to information, expert advice, business standards, practical guidelines and platforms for members to build and promote dynamic social security systems worldwide. The vision of dynamic social security provides a framework for the ISSA's action. Dynamic social security refers to social security systems that are accessible, sustainable, adequate, socially inclusive and economically productive, and that are based on performing, well-governed, proactive and innovative social security institutions.

Europäischer Thesaurus Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde

"Sie finden hier alphabetisch und systematisch geordnete Schlagwörter (Deskriptoren), die Sie für Ihre Suche in den Portalinhalten von IREON verwenden können. Die Anzeige von Ober-, Unter- und verwandten Begriffen sowie von Synonymen (Nichtdeskriptoren) zu einem Schlagwort erleichtert die Auswahl relevanter Suchbegriffe. Der 'Europäische Thesaurus Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde' (Europäischer Thesaurus) ist ein multilingualer Thesaurus, der alle wesentlichen Aspekte des Fachgebiets 'Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde' abbildet.

"You will find here alphabetically and systematically ordered keywords (descriptors) that you can use for your search in the portal content of IREON. The display of upper, lower and related terms, as well as synonyms (non-descriptors) to a keyword, facilitates the selection of relevant ones The European Thesaurus contains about 8,200 descriptors in nine languages as well as numerous non-descriptors for each language version.

International Labour Organization Taxonomy

"The ILO Taxonomy was designed by the ILO Library as a tool for retrieving information from the ILO website. Its structure therefore closely reflects the work programme of the ILO and is used by ILO departments and Field Offices for describing the content of their web pages and for searching the ILO web site. It is also well suited for use as a subject classification system for arranging collections in small libraries or labour information centres. The main difference between the ILO Taxonomy and the ILO Thesaurus is its purpose.