320 Political science (Politics and government)

Quadre de la classificació dels fons documentals dels pobles agregats

"Presentem a continuació un quadre-marc de classificació aplicable a tots els fons dels antics ajuntaments del Pla agregats a Barcelona a la darreria del segle XIX i al primer quart del segle XX. Els municipis del Pla eren institucions similars que havien gaudit de competències paralleles i acomplert idèntiques funcions en un espai físic i un període temporal semblants.

"We present below a picture frame classification applies to all funds of the former municipalities of Plan added to Barcelona in the late nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth century. Towns Plan were similar institutions that had enjoyed powers parallel and identical functions fulfilled in a physical space and a similar time period. (...) the picture frame is a first approach we propose - solidly documented - to cope with the description and management of those series and many more common funds villages that remain attached to the different municipal archives district.

Superintendent of Documents Classification System

"The U.S. Superintendent of Documents developed this system (also called SuDocs) for the arrangement of federal government publications. Arrangement is basically by issuing agency. The Documents Library uses this classification system. The Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification system for publications generally groups together documents by issuing agency. SuDocs numbers consist of a letter, designating the particular issuing agency, followed by numbers identifying subordinate bureaus within the agencies and specific publications."

Thésaurus du Journal des débats

"En usage depuis 1988, le Thésaurus du Journal des débats est un outil documentaire composé de plus de 4500 descripteurs servant à l'indexation du Journal des débats à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec. Ces descripteurs couvrent le domaine très vaste de l'information politique, économique et sociale émanant des discussions et des travaux des parlementaires québécois.

"In use since 1988, the Thesaurus of the Journal des débats is a documentary tool composed of more than 4500 descriptors used to index the Journal of Debates to the National Assembly of Quebec.These descriptors cover the vast field of information Political, economic and social issues arising from the discussions and work of Quebec parliamentarians.

Tesauro de Archivos Municipales

"El tesauro de archivos municipales tiene por objeto reflejar la administración municipal, aglutinando y amalgamando, desde su concepto lógico y semántico, las disciplinas, las actividades y las funciones de la institución. La variedad intrínseca de la administración municipal aconseja la elaboración de un listadode términos propios, tomados siempre de los propios documentos. Esta premisa garantiza, sin duda, la coherencia del tesauro. De esta forma los términos del tesauro se ceñirán a este ámbitoy serán términos que aparezcan en los documentos generados por la institución municipal.

"The thesaurus of municipal archives aims to reflect the municipal administration, agglutinating and amalgamating, from its logical and semantic concept, the disciplines, activities and functions of the institution. The intrinsic variety of the municipal administration advises the development of a list of In this way, the terms of the thesaurus will be bound to this area and will be terms that appear in the documents generated by the municipal institution.

Eduskunnan kirjaston asiasanasto

"Aiheenmukaisesta hakemistosta saa esiin kuhunkin aiheluokkaan kuuluvat asiasanat. Klikkaamalla asiasanaa saat näkyviin suomenkielisen asiasanan, sen ruotsin- ja englanninkieliset vastineet, katso myös - viittaukset ja asiasanan aiheluokan. Katso myös - viittauksesta ja luokasta voit jatkaa hakua asiasanaston sisällä. Aakkosellista hakemistoa selaamalla saat esiin listan samalla kirjaimella alkavista asiasanoista. Klikaamalla asiasanaa saat näkyviin suomenkielisen asiasanan, sen ruotsin- ja englanninkieliset vastineet, katso myös - viittaukset ja asiasanan aiheluokan.

"Thematic index can be displayed by each of the Tags topic category includes Clicking on key words, you will get a Finnish subject heading, its Swedish and English equivalents, see also -., References and Sciences by subject category See also -.. Reference and the class to continue searching within the thesaurus alphabetical index scroll to display the list of that start with the same letter of the key words Klikaamalla key words, you will get the English word thing, its Swedish and English equivalents, see also -.. and the references to the subject matter of the word class See also -.

Seattle City Clerk Thesaurus

"Subjects dealt with most completely are those having to do with the main activities of City government. For example, public works, transportation, and housing are each a main focus of City activities, so there are many terms present to permit specific indexing. Geographical concepts are also an emphasis; terms are included for most Seattle neighborhoods and for major geographic features. Topics which are included in only the briefest way (i.e. few terms) are those which only indirectly relate to Seattle City government's activities. This thesaurus consists of two main parts.

Local Government Classification Scheme

"This Local Government Classification Scheme (LGCS) is published on behalf of the Records Management Society of Great Britain, Local Government Group. Its objective is to promote improved records management practices within local government.
Use - A fileplan with retention schedules it supports local authorities in the areas of Data Protection, Freedom of Information and the Local Government Act."

Thesaurus of Political Science Indexing Terms

"The Thesaurus of Political Science Indexing Terms contains an alphabetical listing of Main Term descriptors used for indexing and searching the PS database and printed index, beginning with the May 2002 issue. Efforts were made to preserve the terminology of the controlled vocabularies used in the backfiles of ABC POL SCI and IFI/Plenum Political Science Abstracts. Associated term relationships are displayed under each Main Term. These may include a Descriptor Code, Scope Note, Use For and Use references, Broader Terms and Narrower Terms, and Related Terms.

Thésaurus de l'Activité Gouvernementale du Québec

"Le Thésaurus de l'activité gouvernementale est le résultat des efforts fournis pour rassembler les termes que la langue française parlée au Québec offre pour nommer les concepts utilisés dans l'Administration, pour communiquer à propos de l'activité gouvernementale et pour favoriser le recours aux programmes et aux services publics. Le thésaurus est un mécanisme normalisé qui favorise la constitution d'une base sémantique générale constituée de volets importants du vocabulaire essentiel au fonctionnement des services publics et à la description de l'activité gouvernementale.

"The Government Activity Thesaurus is the result of efforts to bring together the terms that the French language spoken in Quebec offers to name the concepts used in the Administration, to communicate about government activity and to promote the use of Programs and public services The thesaurus is a standardized mechanism that promotes the development of a general semantic base of important vocabulary components in the functioning of public services and the description of government activity.