Place Name Authority List

English Abstract: 

"The Places name authority list (NAL) or Common Authority Table (CAT) is a controlled vocabulary listing locations relevant for the descriptive metadata used at the Publications Office and the core metadata used in the data exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process.

In this authority table (AT) the authority codes are constructed based on UN/LOCODE codes. The AT uses the classification (membership classification) and the authority codes of the country AT. This AT also provides ISO 3166-2 codes, as well as geographical coordinates.

European capitals of culture are also included. The original name of each locality is given. Descriptions for each concept are provided.

Corporate body AT uses this AT to identify the seat of each concept (LOC_id), and site AT uses it to identify the location of each site (loc_code).

The NAL is maintained by the Publications Office of the European Union on the EU Vocabularies website."

Alternative Title: 
Place NAL
English Title: 
Places Name Authority List
Publications Office of the European Union
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