Maternal and Child Health Thesaurus

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"The purpose of developing this thesaurus is to provide the maternal and child health (MCH) professional community with a standard vocabulary in MCH program development and management, including health services, research, training, and program administration. The vocabulary focuses on public health; clinical medical terms such as the names of diseases and therapeutic procedures are excluded except when they are germane to public health or MCH. The vocabulary contained here will allow for the indexing and retrieval of a wide variety of materials including government documents, technical reports, educational materials, audiovisual materials, programs, and grants. The thesaurus will be useful to MCH resource centers, libraries, special collections, and databases in organizations such as government agencies; universities and schools of public health; nonprofit and professional organizations that provide information to health professionals, families, and the public; special projects funded by MCHB; and other agencies with programs funded under Title V of the Social Security Act."

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MCH Thesaurus
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Maternal and Child Health Thesaurus
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