Solar System SKOS Ontology Model


"This is an ontological knowledge organization system of the planets, dwarf planets, natural satellites, and small solar system bodies in the Solar System using the SKOS, Simple Knowledge Organization System, schema extended. The model defines resources in English, Spanish, Russian, and simplified Chinese. Each resource entry also contains definitions. This facilitates the generation of mono- or multi-lingual glossaries. The concept terms can be used to feed vocabularies to search applications. Mappings are also provided for the NASA Location taxonomy, the International Virtual Observatory Alliance IAUT 93 thesaurus and to descriptive entries in Wikipedia. Where applicable, the model also provides links to NASA factsheets, the United States Geological Survey Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature data sets, and the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center orbital data sets, the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University natural satellite data sets, and the JPL Small-Body Database Browser. Objects are mapped into the multiple taxonomies that have been defined for various solar system objects."

Bill Howard
KOS Types Vocabulary: 
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