International Classification of External Causes of Injury

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"ICECI is a free practical tool for classifying the circumstances in which injuries occur. Thus, it can be used in surveillance and research to support injury and trauma prevention and control efforts throughout the world. Using this tool, one can code the key factors that may be involved in causing injuries. Consequently, injuries can be both counted and described to yield useful information for setting priorities, making policy decisions, and guiding prevention.
Purpose/Definition: To enable classifying external causes of injuries. It is designed to help researchers and prevention practitioners to describe, measure and monitor the occurrence of injuries and to investigate their circumstances of occurrence using an internally agreed classification. Criteria underlying the classification are: a separate coding axis for each main concept, usefulness for injury prevention, useability in may types of settings (many parts of the world; emergency departments and other places where data are collected), comparability and complementarity with the ICD-10."

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International Classification of External Causes of Injury
World Health Organization (WHO)
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