Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

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"This thesaurus does not focus as heavily on synonyms as other traditional thesauri. Instead, it takes a human rights approach by cross-referencing related ESC rights, concepts, terminology in order to reflect the interrelationships between many rights. The Categorical Index presents rights, terminology and potential violations in a structured and logical format. The Thematic Index offers many routes to identifying and locating material, and the full entries (Alphabetical Thesaurus) serve as an access point for the plethora of documents relating to ESC rights. The principal goal of this thesaurus is to serve as a tool to introduce readers to economic, social and cultural rights, related concepts, issues, and potential violations of these rights. It is not a definitive resource, nor do we believe that one could ever exist concerning ESC rights."

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Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science and Human Rights Program
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