Everglades Online Thesaurus

English Abstract: 

"The Everglades Online Thesaurus is a structured vocabulary of concepts and terms relating to the south Florida environment. Designed as an information management tool for both researchers and metadata creators, the Thesaurus is intended to improve information retrieval across the many disparate information systems, databases, and web sites that provide Everglades-related information. The vocabulary provided by the Everglades Online Thesaurus expresses each relevant concept using a single ‘preferred term’, whereas in natural language many terms may exist to express that same concept. In this way, the Thesaurus offers the possibility of standardizing the terminology used to describe Everglades-related information — an important factor in predictable and successful resource discovery."

English Title: 
Everglades Online Thesaurus
The Thesaurus currently contains approximately 4700 terms – 2800 preferred terms recommended for use and 1700 non-preferred terms not recommended for use. (2016-05)
Year of Creation: 
Florida International University, Green Library
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11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL, 33199, United States