Taxonomy of Evaluation

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"A wide range of models of PR and communication evaluation exist using a wide range of terms including inputs, outputs, outtakes, outflows, outgrowths, effects, results, and impact. An even wider range of metrics and methods for evaluation are proposed for each stage. The field is confusing for many practitioners. This page presents a taxonomy of evaluation tailored to strategic public communication – a taxonomy being a mapping of a field to produce a categorisation of concepts and terms – in short, to show where things go and where they fit in relation to each other. (...) A taxonomy is not the same as a model, as a taxonomy attempts to list ALL the main concepts, terms, metrics, methods, etc. in a field, while a model is an illustration of a specific program or activity to be applied in practice. However, models should be based on the concepts and methods identified as legitimate in the field and apply them appropriately. An important benefit of a taxonomy is that it puts concepts, metrics, methods, etc. in their right place – e.g., it avoids output metrics being confused with outcome metrics."

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