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"Launched in 1997, Uniclass, the classification for the construction industry, is the UK implementation of BS ISO 12006-2, providing a structured approach to classifying the building information by organising information based upon common characteristics. The recent developments and wide-adoption of BIM to manage information across the project timeline, has meant the need for a unified approach to classification, ensuring that information is universally structured regardless of the author. This lead to a review of Uniclass and the development of Uniclass2."
"A classification system is an essential tool for organising information. Without an agreed, comprehensive system for organising construction information it will be impossible to ensure interoperability between different information systems, design tools, and facilities management tools, with data entered once and re-used several times through the process. A construction classification system must include buildings, infrastructure and integrated project and office management. It must be able to map project information from the initial concept through brief, detailed design, construction, handover and facility operation and maintenance. To fully adopt the BIM process it is important to organise such information systematically and consistently. Uniclass 2 has been developed to produce a classification system for structuring information that is freely available for all participants throughout the life cycle of a project and beyond, which is endorsed by all construction and property bodies and professional institutions. It is dynamic, available online in various formats and managed by a team of experts who will monitor requests, update and control versioning."

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Construction Project Information Committee
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