Marianist Library Classification

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"The schedules that form the Marianist Library Classification were developed because the classification scheme most commonly used in Marianist libraries, 'Marianist Classification 1960; For Archives and Documentary Libraries' developed by Father William Ferree, SM, became impossible to implement successfully. Years of work and consultation with experts in Marianist history and spirituality as well as input from Mr. Thompson A. Yee, Acting Chief of the Cataloging and Policy Support Office at the Library of Congress, have resulted in this new approach to classifying materials by and about the Marianists. The organizational basis for the schedules comes from the classes developed and defined by Brother Lawrence Scrivani, SM, in his 'Classification Scheme for Marianist Documents Libraries'. In their application, the present schedules gather and organize Marianist works by topic or subject and are designed to follow Library of Congress cataloging practices and procedures."

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Marianist Library Classification
North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS)
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