Glossary on Assisted Reproductive Technology Terminology

"Many definitions used in medically assisted reproduction (MAR) vary in different settings, making it difficult to standardize and compare procedures in different countries and regions. With the expansion of infertility interventions worldwide, including lower resource settings, the importance and value of a common nomenclature is critical.


"Das Glossar ergänzt mit Erklärungen zu über 800 Fachausdrücken die ausführlichen Materialdatensätze und Materialgruppenbeschriebe der Datenbank. Zudem finden Sie darin weiterführende Informationen zu Verarbeitungs- und Herstellungstechniken."

"The glossary supplements the more detailed material data sets and material group descriptions of the database, as well as additional information on processing and manufacturing techniques."


"The GeoNames geographical database is available for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It contains over 10 million geographical names and consists of over 9 million unique features whereof 2.8 million populated places and 5.5 million alternate names. All features are categorized into one out of nine feature classes and further subcategorized into one out of 645 feature codes. (...) The data is accessible free of charge through a number of webservices and a daily database export.

TNM Classification of Malignant Tumors

"The classification of cancer by anatomic disease extent, i.e. stage, is the major determinant of appropriate treatment and prognosis. Stage is an increasingly important component of cancer surveillance and cancer control and an endpoint for the evaluation of the population-based screening and early detection efforts. The UICC has published the UICC TNM classification of malignant tumours for over 50 years. The UICC TNM classification is the internationally accepted standard for cancer staging.

Universitätsbibliothek Wirtschaft Klassifikation Freihandbereich (RH-Signaturen)

"Das nachfolgende Klassifikationsschema umfasst folgende Bereiche: Allgemeines, Nebendisziplinen, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Wirtschaftssektoren und -branchen, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Soziologie, Politologie und politische Soziologie. Es enthält einige inhaltliche Unebenheiten, die aus dem Umstand resultieren, dass jedem Buch mit seinem Standort zugleich ein scheinbar eindeutiger Inhalt zugewiesen wird.

"The following classification scheme covers the following areas: general, secondary disciplines, economics, economics and industry, business economics, sociology, political science and political sociology But there are different and equivalent possibilities of the location, especially in the case of interdisciplinary and equally worked questions: these are then referred to as references or pragmatic all aspects of the subject are grouped together in individual subject groups: cf., for example, subject groups 010 019, 123, 340, 385 or 721. "

International Electrotechnical Commission Glossary

"The IEC Glossary is a compilation of electrotechnical terminology in English and French extracted from the "Terms and Definitions" clause of IEC publications (those issued since 2002). In some cases terms and definitions have also been collected from earlier publications (e.g. from TC 37, 77, 86 and CISPR). The database contains currently some 40,000 items drawn from 1,800 publications, with new ones being added on a continuous basis. (...) The Glossary complements and in many cases draws from the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) published by TC 1 (Terminology).

Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary

"Electropedia (also known as the 'IEV Online') is the world's most comprehensive online electrical and electronic terminology database containing more than 20 000 terms and definitions in English and French organized by subject area, with equivalent terms in various other languages (...). (...) Electropedia is produced by the IEC, the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies – collectively known as 'electrotechnology'.