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Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms

"This vocabulary will be used to describe the creators of, and contributors to, resources, and also the intended audience of resources. It will be created and maintained by the Policy and Standards Division, and be distinct from the other vocabularies that are maintained by that division: Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT), and the Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT).

Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music

"Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) has long included headings that represent the genre or form of musical works in combination with the mediums of performance (e.g., Sonatas (Trombone and organ); Concertos (Bassoon, clarinet, English horn, flute)), as well as headings that represent the mediums of performance alone (e.g., Bass clarinet and piano music). The structure of the headings can sometimes be of marginal utility to researchers, who may be most interested in finding music for a particular combination of instruments and are less focused on the genre of the music.

Bloom's Taxonomy

"Bloom's taxonomy is a way of distinguishing the fundamental questions within the education system. It is named after Benjamin Bloom, who chaired the committee of educators that devised the taxonomy. He also edited the first volume of the standard text, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals. (...) Although named after Bloom, the publication of Taxonomy of Educational Objectives followed a series of conferences from 1949 to 1953, which were designed to improve communication between educators on the design of curricula and examinations. (...)


"PeriodO is a gazetteer of scholarly definitions of historical, art-historical, and archaeological periods. It eases the task of linking among datasets that define periods differently. It also helps scholars and students see where period definitions overlap or diverge."

Classification of the Literature of Freemasonry and Related Societies

"The Masonic Classification herewith presented is the result of some twenty-two years of practical experience in the largest masonic library in the world — the Library of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree at Washington. This Library, in addition to its thousands of items on Freemasonry and related societies, contains also thousands upon thousands of general works in all branches of literature.

Glossary of Optical Communication Terms

"This glossary was first published in June 1986 by the Engineering Division of the FAA Technical Center, under the title "Glossaryof Fiber Optic Terms" (Division Report CT-110-86-15). It has now been revised and expanded, and is made available for wider distribution. It is intended to be an introductory reference for those with a technical background (engineers, scientists, and technicians) who have an interest in optical communication, but are not familiar with some of the more common terms used in this field.

Thesaurus of FAA Descriptors

"This edition, with 3,123 descriptors, includes new terms established since the last publication, in November, 1965. Further, it is presented in the format developed by Project LEX for the Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms, issued recently by the Department of Defense. The purpose of this thesaurus is to provide a definitive, working vocabulary for the field of civil aviation; its terms or descriptors serve as reference standards for the indexing and retrieval of information.