Defense Technical Information Center Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus provides a broad multidisciplinary subject term vocabulary that aids in information search and retrieval. Subject terms, called Descriptors, are organized into hierarchies, where series of narrower terms are linked to broader terms. After performing a Thesaurus search, a user can insert a Descriptor directly into the Technical Reports Guided Search page. 16463 terms, 8598 relations between terms, 2278 non-preferred terms."

Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus

"The Feature Type Thesaurus contains a hierarchical scheme of terms for typing gazetteer entries; that is, for typing named geographic places. It is intended for general use for many types of gazetteers and as a shared vocabulary for interoperability among gazetteers. It has been designed to be used with the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Gazetteer."

Tesauro de Biología

"Tesauro para los materiales curriculares de las asignaturas de Biologia de nivel de bachillerato del sistema educativo español (17-18 años). 462 términos, 320 relaciones entre términos, 52 términos equivalentes."

"Thesaurus for the curricular materials of the biology subjects of the baccalaureate of the Spanish educational system (17-18 years) 462 terms, 320 relations between terms, 52 equivalent terms."