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@dateType Vocabulary

"dateType is an attribute that classifies by named type the date-related data of the element e.g., created, broadcast, dateAvailableStart.
Best practice: Used to clarify how the date is related to the asset or instantiation. Date Created may be the most common, but the element could also be used to describe the Date Accessioned or Date Deaccessioned, for example. Can be used as an attribute of the following elements: pbcoreAssetDate, instantiationDate."

PBCoreAssetType Vocabulary

"pbcoreAssetType is a broad definition of the type of intellectual content being described. Asset types might include those without associated instantiations (a collection or series), or those with instantiations (programs, episodes, clips, etc.)
Best practice: The asset type should broadly describe all related instantiations — for example, if an asset includes many instantiations representing different generations of a program, the asset type ‘program’ remains accurate for all of them."

Sosiaalisen median sanasto

"Monilta sosiaalisen median käsitteiltä puuttuu suomenkieliset termit tai käytetyissä termeissä on hajontaa, ja toisaalta useiden käsitteiden sisällöstä on erilaisia tulkintoja. Näistä syistä Sanastokeskus TSK:ssa käynnistyi keväällä 2009 Viestintäviraston Terminologia-työryhmän aloitteesta sanastohanke, jonka tarkoituksena oli koota sanastojulkaisuksi keskeisiä sosiaaliseen mediaan liittyviä käsitteitä.

"Many social media concepts to missing Finnish terms or used in the terms is the standard deviation, and on the other hand the contents of a number of concepts have different interpretations of these reasons Terminology Center TSK. Started operations in spring 2009 on the initiative of FICORA Terminology Working Group glossary of the project, the purpose of which was to compile a glossary for publication of key concepts related to social media.