Diccionari de fusteria

"Aquest diccionari aplega gairebé 1.400 termes de fusteria, corresponents a set àmbits temàtics: aparells, estris, eines i instruments; màquines i equipament auxiliar; característiques estructurals d’eines i màquines; materials; construccions; tècniques i processos; oficis i instal·lacions. En presenta les denominacions i la definició en català, els equivalents en castellà, francès i anglès i, si escau, notes i il·lustracions que aporten informació complementària sobre la denominació o el concepte definit.

"This dictionary includes nearly 1,400 terms carpentry, corresponding to seven subject areas: equipment, utensils, tools and instruments, machinery and auxiliary equipment, structural and machine tools, materials, structures, techniques and processes, trades and installations . at present the names and the definition in Catalan equivalents in Spanish, French and English and, where appropriate, notes and illustrations that provide additional information about the name or concept defined.

SilvaVoc Terminology

"In the light of forestry research in a changing world, the forestry world needs a clear and comprehensible language and a forum to study and reconsider the correct meaning of forestry terms. With the participation of an increasing number of non-foresters in the decision-making process in forestry, the need for a clear and well defined forest terminology exists worldwide. In order to ensure the continued updating and revision of the terminology basic stock and inclusion of new forestry terms, international cooperation is of extreme importance.

Legal Terms and Concepts for Forest Landowners

"Greater economic value will result in an increased number of intrusions into forestlands. Those intrusions may take many forms, including trespassing on land and timber, boundary-line disputes, land-title problems, timber-cutting disagreements, contract interpretation problems, and increased litigation. As a forest landowner, you must be aware of the legal aspects of forest management and ownership. This expertise will allow you to better safeguard land and timber. This publication contains selected legal terms and concepts important to forest landowners.

Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners

"You are a member of an important group. Together, the private, nonindustrial timberland owners control most of our state's timber resources. You and other timberland owners hold the key to the future of Mississippi's forest economy. As you begin or continue to manage your timber, you will come in contact with foresters who may use terms with which you are unfamiliar. This publication is meant to help you better understand special terms and abbreviations commonly used in forestry. Hopefully, this publication will help you make decisions about the productive management of your timber."

Compilation of Forestry Terms and Definitions

"The terms and their definitions were collected from publications and by utilising the Internet. Forestry experts were also consulted to provide their input in the case of some of the compiled terms. The terms were taken directly from the identified sources. For some terms more than one source are mentioned. This means that the same definition was found within several literature sources without necessarily indicating the most likely original source of that definition.

Glossary of Forest Terminology

"This forest terminology largely follows that contained in the British Commonwealth Forest Terminology, or the Forest Terminology of the Society of American Foresters. Where these references have not been in agreement, the definition more suitable to the condition in Ontario has been used. Certain terms in this glossary either are not found in, or are not in agreement with, these texts. Such terms are marked with an asterisk."