document indexing

Document Taxonomy

"The following represents a linear or flat representation of the different enterprise Discipline related Document types or classifications. Such types are used by IT Professionals and the enterprises they provide services to as a means of identifying, defining, classifying, organizing, storing, and publishing different enterprise documents. This taxonomy is critical to multiple enterprise Disciplines such as Document Management, Artifact Management, and Records Management.

Virtual International Authority File

"The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) is an international service designed to provide convenient access to the world's major name authority files. Its creators envision the VIAF as a building block for the Semantic Web to enable switching of the displayed form of names for persons to the preferred language and script of the Web user. VIAF began as a joint project with the Library of Congress (LC), the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB), the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) and OCLC.

Basic Concepts Classification

"The purpose of the Basic Concepts Classification is first to identify an extensive and hierarchically organized set of ‘basic concepts’: concepts that can readily be understood across disciplines and cultures. Second, all scholarly works can be classified in terms of combinations of these basic concepts. The Basic Concepts Classification thus provides a basis for a universal non-discipline-based classification.

Systematik der Glarner Bibliografie

"Die Glarner Bibliografie erscheint seit 1996 jährlich. Sie zeigt das glarnerische Schrifttum (Glaronensia) an, d.h. alle Publikationen die den Kanton Glarus und seine unmittelbare Umgebung betreffen, von Glarnern/Glarnerinnen geschrieben wurden, im Kanton Glarus publiziert wurden."

The Glarner Bibliography has been published annually since 1996. It shows the literature of Glaronensia.

Eesti märksõnastik

"'Eesti märksõnastik' (EMS) on kõiki ainevaldkondi hõlmav tesauruse struktuuriga märksõnastik raamatute, perioodikaväljaannete, artiklite, nootide, helisalvestiste, kaartide jm teavikute eestikeelseks märksõnastamiseks ja infootsinguks. (...) EMSi maht on ligikaudu 58 100 märksõna ja äraviiteterminit (sünonüümi). Märksõnastik sisaldab ka kohanimesid, kuid ei sisalda isikute, asutuste ega organisatsioonide nimesid. Märksõnastikku tehtavad muudatused kajastuvad elektroonilises EMSis reaalajas."

"Eesti märksõnastik' (EMS) is a estonian subejct thesaurus structure"

Aufstellungssystematik der Landesbibliothek Niederösterreich

"Im Lesesaal ist eine Auswahl von Nachschlagewerken aufgestellt, die als Präsenzbestand von der regulären Entlehnung ausgenommen sind. Diese Nachschlagewerke werden in einer systematischen Aufstellung als Freihandbereich des Lesesaals zur Benutzung angeboten."

"There is a selection of reference works in the reading room, which are excluded from regular borrowing as a reference stock. These reference works are offered for use as a free-hand area of the Lesesaal in a systematic manner."