808 Rhetoric and collections of literary texts from more than two literatures

Stories Ontology

"Stories are present throughout our everyday lives and our history: books, film, television, and radio weave events into narrative and plot; myths and legends are passed between generations; news stories describe both ongoing and past events. These stories often share similar themes, characters, items, and locations: by providing an approach to linking these items together, stories can become powerfully navigable, discoverable, and open to new analysis and creation techniques.

Vocabulario Terminológico Sobre Cultura Infantil y Juvenil

"El campo de la literatura infantil y juvenil reconoce su especificidad dentro de los estudios literarios y, a la vez, establece relaciones con otros campos como los estudios culturales, los estudios sobre la infancia, la producción editorial y el estudio de la ilustración y el diseño como campos de estudio y de práctica profesional." 843 Términos, 274 Relaciones entre términos, 76 Términos equivalentes.

"The field of children's literature recognizes its specificity within literary studies and, at the same time, establishes relationships with other fields such as cultural studies, studies on childhood, editorial production and the study of illustration and Design as fields of study and professional practice. " 843 Terms, 274 Relationship between terms, 76 Equivalent terms.