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"KAUNO-ontologia on fiktiivisen aineiston ontologia, joka perustuu suomen kielen osalta Kaunokki-asiasanastoon (Verkko-Kaunokki) ja ruotsin kielen osalta Bella-asiasanastoon. KAUNOa ylläpidetään Helsingin kaupunginkirjastossa.

"KAUNO is an ontology for works of fiction. Its Finnish terms are based on Kaunokki thesaurus and Swedish on Bella thesaurus. The ontology is maintained by Helsinki City Library."


"Verkko-Kaunokki on fiktiivisen aineiston asiasanasto. Sen sisällöllisestä ja toiminnallisesta ylläpidosta vastaa Helsingin kaupunginkirjasto - Yleisten kirjastojen keskuskirjasto. Verkko-Kaunokki perustuu BTJ Finlandin julkaisemaan painettuun asiasanastoon Kaunokki: fiktiivisen aineiston asiasanasto. Fiktiivistä aineistoa voi indeksoida myös Yleisen suomalaisen asiasanaston (YSA) termein."

"Verkko-Kaunokki is the subject matter of fictive material and its content and functionality is managed by the Helsingin kaupunginkirjasto - Central Library of the Public Libraries, based on the Kaunokki: fiktiv aineistanius published by BTJ Finland, published by BTJ Finland. "

WITNESS Media Archive Topic Terms

"At present, only our Topic Terms are accessible online, but we will be adding our other vocabularies in the near future. This thesaurus of topic terms is exportable in various XML schemas. We welcome others to use and adapt these terms for their own purposes. Included in the Topics are broad concepts (e.g. Accountability, Due Process, Women’s Rights) as well as more literal or visually descriptive terms (e.g. Scenics and Beauty Shots, Crowds). Some terms are applicable in both senses (e.g. Water).

Thesaurus Mass Communication

"The thesaurus comprises two parts. The first arranges the descriptors by subject fields in an introductory general scheme. The second part of the thesaurus contains an alphabetical list of descriptors. The thesaurus is a documentation language devised for the purpose of analysing works, articles, reports and other documents referring to the problems of mass communication according to the particular medium to which they refer: books, the press, records, films, radio or television.

The Moving Image Genre-Form Guide

"While developing terminology for application to the moving image holdings of archives and libraries, the Moving Image Genre-Form Guide follows the traditional methods of film and television scholarship as closely as possible. The vast and steadily growing literature of genre studies has been relied upon: hundreds of books and many more articles authored on genre theory, as well as analyzing specific genres.

Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. Genre Terms

"Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc., 2nd edition, was published in 2000. The Guidelines constitute a recommendation for national standard practice in the provision of genre and subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, poetry, humor, and folklore in all formats."

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Thesaurus

"Le Thésaurus du CRTC contient les descripteurs utilisés pour l'indexation des pages et documents situés sur le site web du CRTC. Cela permet aux utilisateurs de trouver plus facilement l'information dont ils ont besoin, dans la mesure où les moteurs de recherche acceptent les métadonnées."

"The CRTC Thesaurus contains the preferred terms used to index CRTC information resources on its website. Describing web resources using controlled terminology improves the ability of users to find the information they need when search engines are metadata-enabled."