344 Labor, social service, education, cultural law

Law & Environment Ontology

"LEO aims to provide an agreed to semantic standard for any institution or organization that collects and manages data, information and knowledge in the field of Environmental Law and Governance. The development of a semantic Ontology for Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and International Environmental Law was identified as a priority for MEA Secretariats and UNEP at the first meeting of the MEA Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Initiative.

Plano de Classificação e Tabela de Temporalidade de Documentos Administrativos e Judiciais do Tribunal Superior do Trabalho

"O código de classificação é um instrumento de trabalho utilizado para classificar todo e qualquer documento produzido ou recebido pelo Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST), e ,no que couber, será adotado também pelo Conselho Superior da Justiça do Trabalho (CSJT) e pela Escola Nacional de Formação e Aperfeiçoamento de Magistrados do Trabalho (ENAMAT).

"The classification code is a working tool used to classify any document produced or received by the Superior Labor Court (TST), and, where applicable, it will also be adopted by the Superior Council of Labor Justice (CSJT) and by the The classification by subjects is used to group the documents under the same theme, as a way of accelerating the recovery and facilitating the activities related to the evaluation, selection, elimination In the classification code, subjects are given numerical codes, which reflect the functional hierarchy of the organ, defined through classes, subclasses, grou

Wolters Kluwer Deutschland Arbeitsrechtthesaurus

"Unsere Thesauri stellen mit genormten Schlagwörtern eine thematische Strukturierung juristischer Inhalte zur Verfügung und erleichtern damit eine Suche nach ähnlichen Begriffen und verwandten Themen. Dies kann insbesondere die Einarbeitung in neue Themen deutlich erleichtern sowie elektronische juristische Systeme und Datenbanken funktional verbessern.
Die Thesauri enthalten hauptsächlich Vokabularien zu juristischen Themenstellungen, welche aber durch Fachwörter benachbarter Bereiche wie Wirtschaft, Soziologie oder Politik ergänzt werden.

"Our thesauri provide thematic structuring of legal content with standardized slogans, thus facilitating the search for similar terms and related topics, particularly facilitating the incorporation into new subjects, as well as the functional enhancement of electronic legal systems and databases.
Thesauri mainly contain vocabularies on legal issues, but these are supplemented by subject terms in neighboring fields such as economics, sociology or politics.

Thesaurus em Direito do Trabalho

"12122 termos, 27831 relacões entre termos, 2759 termos não preferidos. Ao documentalista cabe desenvolver e utilizar linguagens documentárias para indexação e recuperação de informação, a fim de garantir a qualidade final do produto do processamento bibliográfico. Deve-se buscar na Terminologia, o conceitual teórico para fundamentar o trabalho de construção de linguagens documentárias de áreas especializadas do conhecimento humano, considerando-se que na Documentação a construção de léxicos especializados não possue base teórica para tanto.

"12122 terms, 27831 terms between terms, 2759 non-preferred terms. The documentary should develop and use documentary languages for indexing and retrieval of information, in order to guarantee the final quality of the product of bibliographic processing.