323 Civil and political rights

Thésaurus dph

"Les thesaurus, c’est à dire les listes de mots-clés utilisés dans le réseau DPH, sont l’outil indispensable de l’échange d’expériences. C’est à l’aide des mots clés que chacun recherche des informations, des reflexions, des idées, des expériences suffisamment proches de ses propres préoccupations pour s’en trouver enrichi. Un membre de DPH dispose de plusieurs fichiers d’expériences : son fichier propre, celui de son réseau associé, enfin, le fichier DPH commun à tous.

WITNESS Media Archive Topic Terms

"At present, only our Topic Terms are accessible online, but we will be adding our other vocabularies in the near future. This thesaurus of topic terms is exportable in various XML schemas. We welcome others to use and adapt these terms for their own purposes. Included in the Topics are broad concepts (e.g. Accountability, Due Process, Women’s Rights) as well as more literal or visually descriptive terms (e.g. Scenics and Beauty Shots, Crowds). Some terms are applicable in both senses (e.g. Water).

Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

"This thesaurus does not focus as heavily on synonyms as other traditional thesauri. Instead, it takes a human rights approach by cross-referencing related ESC rights, concepts, terminology in order to reflect the interrelationships between many rights. The Categorical Index presents rights, terminology and potential violations in a structured and logical format. The Thematic Index offers many routes to identifying and locating material, and the full entries (Alphabetical Thesaurus) serve as an access point for the plethora of documents relating to ESC rights.

Tesauro da Justiça Eleitoral

"A nova versão apresenta 15.814 entradas, das quais 8.186 sistematizam assuntos diversos, 6.359 referem-se à toponímia nacional e 1.269 à toponímia internacional. É também uma ampliação de foco: o novo tesauro carrega consigo todas as riquezas e especificidades de nossa língua e da terminologia própria de nossas atividades na Justiça Eleitoral. Como instrumento de trabalho, ele permite padronizar o tratamento técnico dos conteúdos nos sistemas de informação existentes na Justiça Eleitoral.

"The new version features 15,814 entries, of which 8,186 systematize different subjects, 6,359 refer to the national toponymy and 1,269 to the international toponymy. It is also an extension of focus: the new thesaurus carries with it all the riches and specificities of our language and As a working tool, it allows us to standardize the technical treatment of the contents in the information systems existing in the Electoral Court.

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms

"The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms is a bilingual standardized vocabulary developed to facilitate the indexing and retrieval of resources available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In addition to the indexing and searching functions, the Indexing Terms is meant to clarify terminology and provide a standard, common language for use within the fields of citizenship and immigration.