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Out On The Shelves Classification System

This project, undertaken during the summer of 2018 intended to build a system that is reflective of the mission and values of the Out On The Shelves Library, namely to "foster a free, accessible, and safe space for LGBTQ2IA+ people and their allies to discover and share stories and resources centering on LGBTQ2IA+ experiences" (About: Out On The Shelves) To this end, goals for the new system – approved by the volunteer team at Out On The Shelves Library during the planning process – include updated language, logical order and arrangement to enhance the browsing experience, as well as ensuri


"L’ontologia Cultural-ON, realizzata nell’ambito di una Convenzione tra il MIBACT e l’Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ISTC-CNR), ha lo scopo di modellare i dati che caratterizzano gli istituti e i luoghi della cultura, come ad esempio i dati sugli enti o sulle persone che hanno un determinato ruolo sugli istituti e luoghi della cultura, le sedi fisiche dei luoghi, i contatti, eventuali materiali multimediali che descrivono un istituto e luogo della cultura e ogni altra informazione utile al pubblico per poter accedere all’istituto

"The ontology aims at modelling the data on cultural institutes or sites such as data regarding the agents that play a specific role on cultural institutes or sites, the sites themselves, the contact points, all multimedia files which describe the cultural institute or site and any other information useful to the public in order to access the institute or site. Moreover, the ontology represents events that can take place in specific cultural institutes or sites. The following figure illustrates some of the core elements of the ontology.

Wortnetz Kultur

"Wortnetz Kultur (WNK) ist der polyhierarchische Sachthesaurus des LVR-Dezernates Kultur und Landschaftliche Kulturpflege im Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR). Seit 2009 entsteht ein breitgefächertes Vokabular mit den thematischen Schwerpunkten Kulturlandschaft, Archäologie, Kulturanthropologie sowie Denkmalpflege und Kunstgeschichte. Momentan stehen rund 15.000 Begriffe zur inhaltlichen Erschließung in unterschiedlichen Fachdatenbanken und Portalen zur Verfügung.

Thesaurus used for monument preservation and related disciplines.

CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model

"The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation. The CIDOC CRM is intended to promote a shared understanding of cultural heritage information by providing a common and extensible semantic framework that any cultural heritage information can be mapped to. It is intended to be a common language for domain experts and implementers to formulate requirements for information systems and to serve as a guide for good practice of conceptual modelling.

Tezaurus dziedzictwa kulturowego

"'Tezaurus dziedzictwa kulturowego' powstał w ramach projektu 'Słownik hierarchiczny pojęć dla dziedzictwa kulturowego – narzędzie wspomagające tworzenie i wykorzystywanie baz danych obejmujących zabytki sztuki', realizowanego przez Pracownię Dokumentacji Zabytków Sztuki Instytutu Historii Sztuki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego w latach 2007-2009 pod kierunkiem prof. dr. hab. Jana Harasimowicza (IV Konkurs Projektów Badawczych Rozwojowych, projekt nr N 17 0004 04).

"Thesaurus of cultural heritage" was created within the framework of the project "Dictionary of hierarchical terminology of cultural heritage - a tool supporting the creation and use of databases of monuments of art", realized by the Documentary Museum of Art Monuments of the Institute of Art History of the University of Wrocław in 2007-2009 under the supervision of prof. Project No. N 17 0004 04.

Tesauro de Folclore e Cultura Popular Brasileira

"Este Tesauro é fruto de trabalho sistemático que envolveu uma equipe multidisciplinar, com vasta experiência na área da cultura popular brasileira. Sua primeira versão, patrocinada pela Unesco, resultou em 2.092 termos, selecionados a partir dos acervos documentais e museológicos do CNFCP."

"This thesaurus is the result of systematic work involving a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the area of Brazilian popular culture." Its first version, sponsored by Unesco, resulted in 2,092 terms, selected from the CNFCP's documentary and museological collections.

New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics

"In 1993, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs approached Statistics New Zealand to discuss strategies for improving the range and quality of statistical information available on New Zealand's cultural sector. With its responsibility for collecting statistics relevant to the needs of government, business and the community, Statistics New Zealand agreed that improvement was needed. In order to define what was meant by 'cultural statistics' and to provide direction for future work, it was agreed that the first priority should be the production of a framework for cultural statistics.