302 Social interaction

@dateType Vocabulary

"dateType is an attribute that classifies by named type the date-related data of the element e.g., created, broadcast, dateAvailableStart.
Best practice: Used to clarify how the date is related to the asset or instantiation. Date Created may be the most common, but the element could also be used to describe the Date Accessioned or Date Deaccessioned, for example. Can be used as an attribute of the following elements: pbcoreAssetDate, instantiationDate."

PBCoreAssetType Vocabulary

"pbcoreAssetType is a broad definition of the type of intellectual content being described. Asset types might include those without associated instantiations (a collection or series), or those with instantiations (programs, episodes, clips, etc.)
Best practice: The asset type should broadly describe all related instantiations — for example, if an asset includes many instantiations representing different generations of a program, the asset type ‘program’ remains accurate for all of them."

Taxonomy of Evaluation

"A wide range of models of PR and communication evaluation exist using a wide range of terms including inputs, outputs, outtakes, outflows, outgrowths, effects, results, and impact. An even wider range of metrics and methods for evaluation are proposed for each stage. The field is confusing for many practitioners. This page presents a taxonomy of evaluation tailored to strategic public communication – a taxonomy being a mapping of a field to produce a categorisation of concepts and terms – in short, to show where things go and where they fit in relation to each other.

Vocabulari panllatí de les xarxes socials

"Aquest vocabulari conté 114 termes relacionats amb les diferents xarxes socials, especialment el Facebook i el Twitter. Cada terme presenta les denominacions equivalents en sis llengües romàniques (català, castellà -variants d’Europa i de Mèxic-, francès, gallec, italià, i portuguès -variants d’Europa i de Brasil), amb els indicadors de categoria gramatical corresponents, i també en anglès. Les definicions són en català i, en alguns casos, també en castellà.

"This vocabulary contains 114 terms related to different social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. Each term has the equivalent names in six Romance languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish -variants Europe and Mexico, French, Galician, Italian and Portuguese -variants Europe and Brazil), with corresponding indicators speech and also in English. the definitions are in Catalan and, in some cases, also in Spanish. It has been elaborated within the framework of the Network Panlatin Terminology (really), which aims to promote the development of the Romance languages.

Societat de l'informacion. Novèlas tecnologias e Internet

"Aquest diccionari en línia conté la versió occitana del diccionari Societat de la informació. Noves tecnologies i Internet. 2a ed., publicat pel TERMCAT l’any 2003. L’obra recull més de dos mil termes amb les denominacions i la definició en occità i amb els equivalents en català, castellà, francès i anglès. El contingut en occità ha estat redactat per Claudi Balaguer i validat pel Grup de Lingüística Occitana, un grup creat per donar suport a la Secretaria de Política Lingüística en l’aplicació del manament estatutari que ordena que la llengua occitana és oficial a Catalunya.

"This online dictionary Occitan dictionary contains version information society. New technologies and the Internet. 2nd ed., Published by TERMCAT 2003. The work includes more than two thousand names and terms to the definition in Occitan and equivalents in Catalan, Spanish, French and English. the content has been written by Occitan Claudi Balaguer and validated by the Occitan Language group, a group created to support the Language Policy Secretariat in implementing the statutory mandate ordering the Occitan language is official in Catalonia.