153 Conscious mental processes & intelligence

Thésaurus Psychologie cognitive de la mémoire humaine

"Ce thésaurus bilingue (français-anglais), développé à l’Inist-CNRS, recense les concepts de la psychologie cognitive de la mémoire humaine (systèmes et processus mnésiques, effets empiriques, troubles de la mémoire, méthodes d’étude, théories et modèles), organisés sous forme de relations hiérarchiques (termes génériques et spécifiques), d’équivalence (synonymes) et d’association."

"This bilingual (French-English) thesaurus, developed at Inist-CNRS, identifies the concepts of the cognitive psychology of human memory (memory systems and processes, empirical effects, memory disorders, study methods, theories and models), organized in the form of hierarchical (generic and specific terms), equivalence (synonyms) and association relationships."

Cognitive Paradigm Ontology

"The use of alternate and even competitive terminologies can often impede scientific discoveries. While the experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience literature may refer to certain behavioral paradigms by name (eg. the Stroop paradigm or the Sternberg paradigm) or by function (a working memory task, a visual attention task), these paradigms can vary tremendously in the stimuli that are presented to the subject, the response expected from the subject, and the instructions given to the subject.

Mental Functioning Ontology

"The Mental Functioning Ontology is an ontology for mental functioning, including mental processes such as cognition and traits such as intelligence, and related diseases and disorders. It is developed in the context of the Ontology for General Medical Science and the Basic Formal Ontology. The project is being developed in collaboration between the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and the University at Buffalo, USA. The project is being developed with full involvement of all relevant communities, following best practices laid out by the OBO Foundry.