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ArticleTypes Ontology

"The ArticleTypes Ontology is a categorization of kinds of publication which are used to index and group content published on nature.com. This taxonomy is organised into a single tree using the SKOS vocabulary. It includes article-types that are directly applied to content, such as Article, Review Article, News, or Book Review plus higher-level groupings such as Research, News and Comment, or Amendments and Corrections. Categorization of content with the ArticleTypes Ontology is orthogonal to categorization with the Subjects Ontology."

NPG Review States Ontology

"The ReviewStates Ontology is a categorization of the various states that mark the review status of a publication. In particular, these indicate stages in the publishing workflow. For example, a siginificant state change for an article publication occurs when it is accepted for publication, whereby it transitions from an earlier 'Received' state to an 'Accepted' state. These state changes are managed by review-event objects which capture both the review-state and the date (or datetime) at which this event occurs."

COPE Case Taxonomy

"In 2013, it became apparent that the publication ethics cases being brought to COPE for discussion and advice were becoming more complex. A new and more comprehensive classification scheme was therefore developed to make it easier to code cases, to aid searching, and to provide a finer level of detail for analysis. The resulting COPE Case Taxonomy comprises 18 main classification categories and 100 keywords and is designed to be descriptive not judgemental.

AP News Taxonomy

"The AP News Taxonomy is a comprehensive set of standardized vocabularies for describing English-language news content. Terms in the vocabularies cover all aspects of news: subjects, people, places, organizations, and more. When you submit content to the automated AP Tagging Service, the data that comes back is drawn from these vocabularies. Publishers may also choose to integrate the AP News Taxonomy into their own publishing systems to support manual tagging.